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Nester Insurance offers a complete line of insurance products. These products and services are designed to provide solutions to your business and personal needs. Your business is very important to us. If you have questions or would like to know about all the policies that we offer please contact our office.

Disability Insurance

​Protecting Your Income​

Disability Insurance pays a monthy benefit when you suffer an unexpecting illness or injury and cannot work.

Having Nester Insurance help you choose the right disability plan can save time and premiums. Our approach is simple and concise. We gather necessary information and present recommendations from companies that are appropriate for your type of risk and occupation.

Proper disability planning can make the difference in maintaining you and your families’ lifestyle. Nester Insurance can provide peace of mind and help obtain coverage privately or offer as company benefit.

Types of Disability Insurance:

Short-term Disability is a plan that pays benefits for less then 2 years and is commonly purchased or obtained through an employer. If your employer doe not offer Short-Term, have them contact us today! 

Long-Term Disability is a plan that pays benefits more then 2 years and can continue to pay up to age 70 depending on the plan. This is available to employers and individuals for purchase.

Each plan is designed to pay a monthly benefit for a pre-selected amount of time out of work due to an unforeseen sickness or injury.