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Nester Insurance offers a complete line of insurance products. These products and services are designed to provide solutions to your business and personal needs. Your business is very important to us. If you have questions or would like to know about all the policies that we offer please contact our office.

Long Term Care Insurance

For most, Long Term Care is about:

  1. Protecting assets you have now and for the next generation
  2. Having a choice to how and where care is received

Long Term Care Insurance provides monies or benefits in the event you are unable to perform 2 or more activities of daily living. If you have Long Term Care, you create the opportunity to stay at home or pick a facility that best supports your needs.

If you do not have Long Term Care Insurance,  you have to "Spend-down" your assets and income on your care until you qualify for Medicaid. Once enrolled, Medicaid determines who and where you must go for care. This can create additional stress for you and your family and a sense of loss control.

There are several things to consider when selecting Long Term Care plan that is right for you and many stop searching, because it feels complicated and expensive. When working with Nester Insurance, you can feel assured that your needs will be met and your Long Term Care planning will be complete.